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id8 is an agency for advertising that offers services including traditional advertising, digital advertising, and media planning & buying.

Atlanta-based agency, id8, is a conceptually driven agency, so we start with concepting. And from our brainstorm sessions, we select the strongest concepts to move forward with, creating compelling concepts for our client to choose from. After the presentation, we collaborate with our clients either in our Atlanta office or online, on which concept will best convey their brand and message to their target audience.

Advertising by id8 for NeoDiamond, a single use bur for the dental industry

Browse our advertising services including traditional advertising, digital advertising, and media planning & buying.

Traditional Advertising

A successful advertisement must have stop-ability. The team at id8 doesn’t believe in just putting a picture and some copy together and calling it an ad. At id8, we start with understanding your business objectives and your target audience. With that background, we create highly conceptual advertisements for billboards, posters, banners, wraps, magazines, and newspapers.

Digital Advertising

Our digital advertising services span across many channels including email, display ads, mobile advertising, SEM, and paid social ads. With our expert design team, we create digital advertisements that work to boost your traffic. We create compelling designs, custom imagery, motion graphics, videos, and concise messaging. Our design team can help you reach larger audiences in real-time to drive sales.

Media Planning and Buying

Strategic media planning is not what it once was. Not only is understanding customer behaviors and attitudes now more of a challenge, the availability of data and the ability to apply complex analysis results in plans with strong results. Our ads are placed primarily on digital and online platforms. Our partners have years of experience negotiating and working with placements in everything from TV to out-of-home.

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