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Sellier Design Salutes Freshëns’ Green Initiatives

Two of the eight American Graphic Design & Advertising awards that Sellier Design took home tonight were for work that defined the significant efforts being made by their client Freshëns Quality Brands to protect the environment by launching a sustainability initiative christened It’s In Our Nature.

Since mid 2008, Sellier Design has aided the yogurt and smoothies company through logo, print and t-shirt design to get the word out about how they are and other companies can incorporate eco-friendly practices into their business.

The AGDA 25 awards won were specifically for Sellier Design’s creation of Freshëns’ It’s In Our Nature logo and brochure and wearable design on Freshëns’ 100% organic cotton t-shirts.

Kriston Sellier, Sellier Design’s President and Creative Director, said, “We are very proud to be awarded for work on behalf of Freshëns. We applaud their all-encompassing commitment to run an eco-friendly organization.”

Freshëns has spent the last few years developing innovative products, sourcing eco-friendly vendors and implementing best practice methods to become more environmentally responsible. “Freshëns has chosen to make positive decisions to protect and preserve our planet for ourselves and future generations,” said Freshëns Quality Brands President John Stern. Freshëns sees environmental protection as both a “moral obligation and a business imperative.”

The It’s In Our Nature initiative touches every aspect of running the 1200 store organization. It is being applied to architectural design, manufacturing, equipment, marketing and merchandising, global sourcing and corporate policies. In 2008, Freshëns introduced the first renewable, compostable paper cold cup in the United States. Dubbed the “ecotainer”, the cups are the cornerstone of Freshëns sustainability initiative. The revolutionary ecotainer eliminates the need for polystyrene foam cups. The paperboard cups use a coating derived from plant sugars to make it liquid resistant. The trees used to make the paper come from a fiber-sourced system that is independently certified to adhere to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) guidelines for management and harvesting.

2008 also saw the launch of the Freshëns Foundation, for which Sellier designed the logo. The 501c(3) charity advocates wellness of self, community and environment through purposeful programs, partnerships and endeavors. The first recipient of “Fit For The Journey” funds was the Captain Planet Foundation, which supports hands-on environmental projects for children and youths.