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A game of I spy with graphic design

In the last couple of weeks, I have posted several blogs about the importance of a strong logo design. Today I’d like to show some of the industry’s most clever creations.

Graphic Design Blog has posted a two part series that features creative logos with hidden meanings. Here are just a few of the 25 logos featured in part 1.

  • Body Wisdom is a high end day spa. The logo, which consists of two hands, also doubles as the face of an owl. The combined images represent both a relaxing massage as well as wisdom.

  • Amazon, a logo recognized by many, has a very simple look. While the design may not contain shiny bells and whistles, it does convey two very important messages. The orange arrow connects the a and z, showing the wide range of options available to the customer, and it also forms a smile, which represents the satisfaction of the consumer.

  • Designer Jason Cho represents the company’s name here by strategically designing a row of trees that also form a piano.

  • You may have seen the FedEx logo a thousand times, but have you ever noticed the arrow between the E and X? This subtle composition represents speed, direction and reliability to its customers.

Designer Josiah Jost broke the mold of traditional logo designs when he utilized the negative space in this logo to form the letters E and D, which also form a plug.

As you can see from the above designs, a logo doesn’t necessarily have to be frilly and complex to be brilliant. Some of the cleanest and simplest designs have proved to be the most clever and communicative. When developing your logo, look for a design that is creative, clear, unique, and most importantly you!

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