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Sellier Design Receives Accolades for Wiederhold and Associates Website

Last week, I was extremely excited to hear the news that Sellier Design received accolades for its work on the Wiederhold & Associates website. The American Graphic Design Award, handed out by 2010 Graphic Design USA, recognized  both the website design and its tagline design: lite bite.

A 300-page annual will be published in November/December 2010 of this year’s winners. The winning design and full creative credits will also be featured in the Online Winners Gallery with a live link from the piece back to the website, resulting in more than 100,000 views by colleagues, clients, creative and marketing decision makers.

A big thanks goes out to Wiederhold & Associates, Julie Cofer, Nick Villaume and so many others for their hard work. Without everyone’s dedication, we would have never reached such success! We are excited by this achievement and look forward to recreating this same success for many more clients to come.