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SAVA AHRM Marketing Materials


SAVA Senior Care approached id8 to design marketing materials to introduce a new strategic position within their company, the AHRM (Area Human Resource Manager) and offer instructions to employees on how to communicate on Human Resources issues. The AHRM was designed to streamline the human resources contact process. With the new role in place the AHRM marketing materials needed to highlight important information about the new role, show a clear call to action, and also communicate to employees how to get in contact with their AHRM.

When id8 began the discovery process for the AHRM marketing materials we found that SAVA wanted a fun, energetic campaign. This fun and energetic approach was much different than their corporate materials, so it needed to really stand out and make sense.


Once the design direction was developed, we created a color scheme to match the energetic look and feel of the campaign. We integrated playful illustrations and typography along with icons so that the viewer could easily identify the call to action for communicating with the AHRM.

id8 also integrated Variable Driven Data Files so that the specific managers name and contact information could be accurately printed across different facilities.


The SAVA AHRM Project was successful because id8 was able to ascertain the needs of the client to deliver clear information in a memorable way, while delivering marketing materials that could be customized for their specific facilities. SAVA is now equipped with printed materials that clearly share the specifics for employees to contact the AHRM and how to communicate on Human Resources issues.