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Sava Senior Care Customer Service Materials

When Sava Senior care wanted to create customer service materials for their facilities they asked for id8’s help. The challenge was to create materials that did not have an institutional look or feel, but still fit into the atmosphere of their facilities. The initial scope of work was to create a Seasonal Poster, Brochure, and a Thank You for Visiting poster.


After brainstorming id8 developed a concept that met Sava’s needs: a clean and eye-catching design that clearly delivered their message. Sava was so happy with the initial designs that they asked id8 to also create eight regional posters for their facilities across the United States.


The Regional posters had to fit within the theme of the Customer Service materials, but also showcase the distinct feelings of each of the regions across the country. id8 rose to the challenge and created distinct posters that clearly showcased the look and feel of each region, showed specificlandmarks, and clearly delivered Sava’s message.