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Inland Market Seasoned Mahi Burger Packaging


Inland Market approached id8 to design packaging for their new Seasoned Mahi Burgers. Inland Market is a division of Inland Seafood, one of the country’s largest processors and distributors of fresh fish and seafood. Having worked with id8 in the past they knew the advantage of working with a creative team who understands their company and vision.


id8 has worked with Inland Seafood for many years to develop multiple successful campaigns such as Seafood Tortas and Cedar Plank Salmon. Since we have developed a close relationship with the client we understand their business and are able to deliver designs to meet their strategic goals.

On the most recent project for Seasoned Mahi Burgers the vision in the creation of the packaging was to showcase the quality and “crave appeal” of the food.

The Seasoned Mahi Burger packaging would be seen alongside other frozen products and needed to use vibrant food photography to stand off the shelf. We chose color palette that would make the food the hero of the design and incorporated a strong modern font that would draw the eye to product name.

This Mahi Burger packaging project was successful with retailers because id8 was able to create packaging that had instant consumer appeal.