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Santa Illustration of him wearing black rimmed glasses and having a white mustache and white beard
The Famous Brand “Santa” is easily recognized with his white beard.


Red coat…check! Black boots…check! Big belt…check! Red hat…check! White beard…CHECK!


What would happen if Santa shaved his beard? Santa’s beard is very important. It’s probably THE most important part of him. A child can see Santa without a hat, without a belt, with red shoes instead of black shoes, with gloves or without gloves, and not question him one bit. But his beard? Oh, well that’s another story. Why is that? It’s the most important part of him because it’s his BRAND. It’s the most important part of his brand IDENTITY.


Does your company have brand confidence? Do you know how your clients feel about you? What is the message you convey and does it stick? When your clients see a certain color, font, style and message, do they immediately think of your company? They should. We hope when you see the color orange that you think of US! Brand identity is very important. It creates a feeling. We can all learn a lot from Santa and his beard. If you are less than confident in your company’s branding strategies let us help. We will hone in your brand identity to create lasting impressions that go a long way in the success of your business.