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Social Media Trends For 2014

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How are you using Social Media to connect with your audience and build your brand? id8 specializes in helping companies brand themselves with a consistent voice. Your appearance on any medium (social media, print, web, etc.) should resonate the same message. This is an integral part of corporate branding success.


Below is a summary of the 2014 Social Media Trends by Brand Driven Digital.


  • Mobile viewing of websites will reach highest levels
  • Google Plus will increase in popularity
  • Blogging will become even more important
  • Image-focused sites will gain more momentum (Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • Video sourcing and watching will increase (YouTube etc.)
  • Social media advertising will continue to be popular
  • SnapChat and Instagram Direct will jump in popularity as new ways to connect with audiences increase
  • Audiences will continue to be curious and will rely on social media outlets as a source of knowledge and insight
  • Social media will play a bigger role in the hiring of employees and obtaining email signups for newsletters and for use in serving customers