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Do You Have a Responsive Website?

How often do you check out websites on your smart phone? If you’re on the go, your phone is what you reach for when you need a phone number, address, or to look up a review on a company, product, or service. Has that increased in the past few years? It has for me. Not only do websites have to look good and work properly on a computer screen, but also on a phone, tablet, etc. The increase of viewing websites on other devices has changed web design.

The future is mobile, is your website? Mobile sales already surpass desktop computer sales, and mobile Internet use is predicted to surpass desktop use this year. With Internet use comes web searching. Mobile searches are set to be the #1 device we use to search the web.

A responsive website provides an optimal viewing experience that is easy to read and navigate with a minimum need to resize, pan, and scroll on a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors. Google and SEO companies prefer responsive websites and Google gives brownie points for sites built in this way. This can lead to your site landing higher in search engine results and ease of viewing for your web visitors.

Check out a sample of the id8 responsive website designs:

Jeremiah Consulting

Coleman Search Group

Most patients get doctor’s phone numbers or addresses off of their smart phone. We created a new website for Smyrna Eye Group so their patients would be able to find them in a snap!

Another trend is for web browser companies and TV brands to join forces and bring smart TVs to your living room where websites will be viewed on yet another platform. Firefox and Panasonic are the newest team on the block.

And of course Glass by Google, integrating web functions on eyeglasses. It’s crazy, but it’s coming. This proves yet another way technology is changing web design and use.

How can we prepare for the changes ahead? id8 is continuously researching and staying on top of tech news and trends. We share technology expertise with our clients which proactively affects their website functionality and prepares them with the tech tools needed to position themselves as leaders in their field.