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Jeremiah Consulting Branding & Website

Jeremiah Consulting approached id8 to develop a brand identity, website and marketing materials. Jeremiah Consulting works with businesses, community leaders, and organizations in the Kennesaw area to foster relationships to promote prosperity.

id8 began developing the brand message, mission, and process for Jeremiah Consulting. These messaging pieces determined the vision for the rest of the project and defined the personality of the Jeremiah Consulting brand. We then began developing a strong brand identity and logo to communicate what Jeremiah Consulting does: leverage their expertise to “put all the pieces together.”

current_jeremiah-3id8 developed collateral such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and a brochure. Each of these pieces communicated the professionalism and vision of Jeremiah Consulting. The collateral pieces are distinctive, make a strong statement and lasting impression. The small details, like the tangram pattern on the inside of the brochure, draw attention to the pattern pieces. While continuing to cohesively drive home the core ideology of the brand message.

The last “piece” of the project was the Jeremiah Consulting website. id8 determined that a responsive website would deliver the best user experience. Whether a user views the site on a computer, tablet, or smart phone the experience will be tailored to that device.


This project was successful because upon completion of the marketing materials by id8, Jeremiah Consulting has been greeted with open arms by the Kennesaw Business Community, including key meetings with Kennesaw State University and other crown jewel businesses that are headquartered in Kennesaw.