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The importance of questions: developing brand identity


Before you can sell your brand, you need to truly know your brand identity. To know your brand identity, you need to question your brand. Questions are an essential component to developing brand identity.

Why is it important to ask questions when developing brand identity?

To get the strategy on point

Asking questions helps to fine-tune strategy by identifying the most key elements of brand identity. Strategy addresses the who, what, why, where, and how.

To uncover strengths & weaknesses

When developing a brand identity, questions need to focus inward and out. Question your internal processes, promises, and products. Question how customers view the brand and how competitors deliver similar products.

To identify challenges

Questioning can help to pinpoint causes of weakness or barriers to growth. Sometimes failures can be the best learning opportunities, so dig deeper into those.

To pull you outside of your own brand

It is not just about how you want to see the brand. Asking questions from other points of view (i.e., competitors or consumers) is important to fully evaluate your brand.

Some key questions to ask when developing a brand identity include:

  • What does the brand do?
  • Who are the brand’s customers?
  • What is the brand’s unique selling proposition?
  • How does the brand fit into the competitive landscape?
  • In what areas are the competitors more and less successful?
  • How does the brand solve a problem?
  • What aspects of the brand create customer loyalty?
  • What do we want consumers to remember about the brand?
  • Has the brand had any negative customer feedback?
  • Do competitors have negative customer feedback?
  • Is there a unique story behind the brand?
  • What is the brand’s personality?

id8’s three-phase process begins with questions. We call it Discovery. Take a peek at some current id8 projects to see how we turned questions into functional and beautiful brand personalities.