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Marietta advertising agency helps to bring in Winter Wonderland

The city of Marietta, Georgia will kick off the inaugural Winter Wonderland celebration tomorrow, featuring Marietta’s first open-air ice skating rink in Glover Park. Marietta’s Winter Wonderland is open to the public from November 20 – January 4, 2015. Santa will be ushered in to great fanfare with children’s choirs and a Christmas tree lighting ceremony on December 3, 2015.

The Marietta Square will bring in Winter Wonderland and New Year's Eve festivities this year.

Marietta advertising agency id8 assisted The Marietta Square, a nonprofit organization supporting and unifying all merchants on Marietta Square, with event branding and logo design for Winter Wonderland and New Year’s Eve. In addition, id8 created designs for a vinyl billboard, pole banners, t-shirts, and more. The event branding, outdoor advertising and signage were all created to inform the community of the exciting new addition to holiday festivities in the area with a creative feel that evokes nostalgia and embraces vintage Christmas with a clean, modern look.

Kriston Sellier is the CEO of id8, a full-service advertising agency conveniently located on Marietta Square.

The Marietta Square is all about community building. And community building is central to our core values as a company. Our work supports unifying communities and fosters growth. If this community grows, it supports all businesses, home owners and visitors. There is nothing better than seeing growth right outside of our id8 window as we observe the community grow and come together.”

Marietta ad agency id8 helped to create branding elements and signage for The Marietta Square holiday events.

id8 closes for the holidays and pays employees to go out and play between December 24-January 1, and Sellier encourages her team to bring their families to Marietta’s Winter Wonderland.

The Marietta Square is a special town center where people from different backgrounds come together and share food, fun, and bond together. It’s a special gift to be able to support such a one-of-a-kind place.”

The advertising professionals at id8 are community builders, both at work and at home, with deep experience helping communities like Marietta Square and non-profit organizations. Learn more about id8 advertising agency values and contact id8 to discuss your advertising needs.