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Keep your website design fresh and functional with a maintenance plan

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It is always exciting to see a website design project go live. Many hours of creative brainstorming, savvy strategy and technical development finally come to life when the website is available to the world. Often, there is a misconception that a new site design is a “set it and forget it” item to be checked off of the company to-do list every decade or so. There are many reasons why an ongoing website maintenance plan should go hand-in-hand with a brilliant new design.

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“My new site looks incredible and works perfectly. Why do I need ongoing website maintenance?”

Security updates

The online environment is constantly changing. Unfortunately, today it is not uncommon for a website to get hacked. In fact, there are record highs in hacking right now. Hackers target websites that have outdated software and plugins. Website platforms frequently release updates, and many updates include patches for better security. Ongoing maintenance after a website design launch is a necessity for a long-term, functional, secure site. Just as a new car must be taken in for regular maintenance, the same proactive attention should be given to a new website as well.

Plug-in updates

Website design and functionality often utilizes several plug-ins, and updates are continually being released. Keeping plugins updated ensures the website continues to function as intended, without glitches.

Fresh content

Updating website content frequently means more indexing by search engines, which means the site has greater opportunity to rank higher on search results with more keywords and high-quality, relevant content. Website content updates can also boost engagement and keep customers informed which builds loyalty.

Maintaining Data Capture

Often, websites incorporate data capture elements such as feedback forms or assessment tools. Ongoing website maintenance ensures that the elements work and continue to be user-friendly – and that valuable lead data is not lost.

Ensuring ongoing integrity

A new website design is built with creativity and insight; leaving it to survive on its own risks broken links and slow page load times. These things can immediately detract from the intended brand image and create a poor impression of the business.

Be sure that your modern web design maintains its elegance and functionality and do not forget your website maintenance plan. Clients of our Atlanta, GA area agency are pleased with their website designs and relaunches, and many trust us to maintain for the long term. Do you need website design or a solid website maintenance partner? We would love to hear from you.