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Four distinguished business card designs

business card design logo

Your business card design is an extension of your company branding. If you are a small business owner, a business card design will leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

Your business card is the first take-away piece for a prospect. Therefore, a potential customer will tie the card to you and your company image immediately. There are several ways to make your business card design stand out from the competition.

Details that make a distinguished business card design:

– Embossed/debossed image or text

– Color foils

– Painted edges

– Unique card shape

– Texture

Here are four of our favorite business card designs:

1. Travel writer’s business card

This business card design uses a delicate and intricate illustration playing on a compass. The use of gold foil on black and white card stock distinguishes the design. Likewise, embossing gives depth to the sophisticated details on the card.

business card design sophisticated

2. Howler Magazine business card

This card stands out immediately with a bright color and painted edges. The card features a unique shape with rounded corners. In addition, the font is uniquely debossed and the contact information is presented in a clever way.

business card design color

3. Ophthalmologist business card

This business card design uses an eye logo that correlates to the ophthalmologist’s line of work. The textured dots remind us of braille for the visually impaired and make the card stand out among other non-textured cards. In addition, the use of black and white provides both style and function with easy-to-read contrast.

business card design logo

4. Privacy International business card

This perforated design is engaging and well suited to the organization’s mission. Furthermore, the interesting pattern on the inside of the card catches the eye. It also sets off the presentation of contact information. The front logo design is simple but intentional.

business card design interactive


Memorable business cards create a good first impression and serve as a reminder of your brand. For more inspiring business card designs, visit our older post The business of business cards: 9 inspiring designs.