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Google AdWords: effective for small business

adwords for small business

Search engine management is increasingly important to business. Google’s AdWords is an effective tool for increasing web traffic and sales with search engine advertising. Buyers search online for information, reviews, or promotions before making major purchase decisions. Small businesses can benefit from pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns by appearing in search results alongside (or above) the big brands.

adwords for small business

Why should small business owners use AdWords?

AdWords has precise targeting because it is contextual.

Google’s interface provides basic targeting capabilities like location and language. More importantly, advertisers select keywords and keyword phrases for campaigns. When the chosen keywords and phrases are specific to behaviors, interests, or products, this naturally creates a precisely targeted campaign.

AdWords is a cost-effective research tool.

AdWords can test promotions and product promises. By setting up campaigns with various messaging, a small business can identify the most-clicked offers or phrases. Before launching a large promotional campaign, for example, a business can run a quick test to discover which offer is most enticing to their customer base.

AdWords campaigns are flexible and fast.

Small businesses should strive for websites designed for a positive user experience with a strategic SEO plan. SEO, or search engine optimization, can boost a site’s rank in search results. It takes time, however. By investing in a paid search campaign, small businesses can get to the top of the page more quickly because ads appear above the organic links. Ad Words campaigns take but a few moments to launch, pause, or cancel. No charges apply to run a campaign because AdWords is a pay-per-click tactic. Only when someone clicks on the ad is a charge applied. The advertisers always have flexibility and control over their own AdWords budget.

AdWords ads have better conversion.

Display ads and other media tactics have various benefits, but conversion rates for search are usually highest. Paid search serves an ad when consumers type a campaign phrase in their search. That customer is thinking of the product category or looking to buy right now. Other advertising methods may serve a message to a target market that is not searching for a product immediately. Therefore, it only makes sense that paid search click-through-rates and conversion rates are quite high in comparison.

A successful pay-per-click search campaign can be approached in many different ways, so it is best to rely on a team with proven results. Cost-per-click search professionals understand how copy and landing pages can directly affect results. They know how to research keywords and analyze results. They also have the technical know-how to set everything up properly. Is Google AdWords management part of your 2017 marketing plan?