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Business card design trends 2017

die cut business card

What are some of the most popular business card design trends so far in 2017? Printers have seen an increase in requests for unique materials, textures, shapes, and interactivity. If you want your brand to stand out as modern and current, consider updates to some of your marketing materials, including business cards.

Use a unique material in your business card design

Standard business card stock is inexpensive and functional. However, business cards made from unique materials can really stand out from the crowd. If it fits your brand, consider printing your business card design on thin lightweight wood or metal. Plastic is also an option. Clear or frosted plastic cards are very popular.

metal business card design

Break out of the rectangle rut

Modern business cards do not have to be standard rectangles. Die cut cards give instant personality to a card design by mimicking any shape. Alternatively, small die-cut windows or holes are options for a rectangular card. Folds have also become popular because they allow more space for information and creative design elements.

die cut business card

Add texture to your business card

Customers will spend more time with your business card if it has an interesting look and feel. Select textured paper or add embossing or debossing to your design. Embossing is created by heat pressing into the card paper without any use of ink or foil. Debossing is the opposite embossing; the paper is pressed in instead of popping out. Textured papers have a rougher, pulpy feel versus smooth card stock.

textured business card

Make it fun and interactive

An interactive business card design is fun and memorable. Some highly praised designs include Lush seed packet business cards, Yoga One’s Get Stretchy finger play cards, and the TAM Cargo transformable card that turns into a box. Consider ways that your brand could be interactive, and let your advertising and branding professionals turn it into an extraordinary card.

seed pack business card

A business card is a tool for making a first impression. The impression can be long lasting if it is also modern, eye-catching, and unique. Do your business cards need an update? Our id8 creative team would love to brainstorm ideas with you.