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Employee retention is crucial for small business success

internal communication

Is your small business putting enough thought into employee retention? Does management give adequate attention to internal communications? Creating a culture that appreciates and respects employees is important. A successful small business fosters respect individually, collaboratively, and for clients.

Internal communications are sometimes the last thing a marketing department considers. This may be even truer for a small business owner. When top managers are so busy working on the business, they may not work enough on employees. However, only focusing on clients will lessen the importance of employees. Once employees start leaving, retention can be difficult to fix.

Foster a culture of appreciation to retain your best people. Also, evaluate your internal communications. Communicating with employees helps them to understand their workplace. Additionally, it is a great way to spark two-way conversations within the business.

internal communication


A culture of appreciation

Appreciation instills trust and respect. Collaboration strengthens successful teamwork. If you see something you like from your employees, tell them. Likewise, try to notice when an employee has increased stress from workload. Take a moment to ask them what they need. Also, share your expertise. Employees who want to learn and grow will be your leaders in the future.  Make sure they feel appreciated. You may find it makes your job easier, too.

Internal communications

Engage employees and build a culture of transparency. Be sure to focus on communications that are relevant and targeted. Avoid contributing to information overload.

A marketing partner like id8 can help with retention programs and internal communications. A welcome manual or employee handbook is a great place to start. Use these in tandem with your on-boarding process and training. Internal communications give your employees a very good understanding of:

  • Company culture
  • What is acceptable
  • What is not acceptable
  • How to be successful
  • Who “we” are

Communication works. Retention of key employees is important to your success. Retention will give your business a competitive edge.