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6 graphic design trends to continue into 2018

graphic design trends 2018

Culture, media, technology, and fashion all influence graphic design trends. Communication channels and consumers are constantly changing, so we see trends come and go. Some trends peak quickly and disappear just as fast, while others have more longevity. Many design trends that rose in popularity in 2017 will continue into 2018. Simplification will continue to lead the way, but modern pops will be increasingly important to keep a fresh look and feel.

Graphic design trends that will continue going strong in 2018

It is smart to be aware of shifts in the industry when it comes to attracting customers visually. Trends are not hard-set rules that designers must follow. However, understanding what is happening in the consumer environment allows a creative team to capitalize on the best elements to fit their specific projects.

Creative typography

creative typography trend

Move aside, standard fonts. Brands have been capturing consumers’ attention by combining the power of words with a unique look. Creative typography is not a new trend, and it is not going away any time soon. Combine it with other graphic design techniques or use it alone; it is impressive either way.

Bold colors

bold colors 2018

Bold colors fit into the modern retro theme we saw growing in 2017. When the client wants their brand to “pop,” bright colors can be a valuable asset. This continuing design trend favors neon and rich, saturated colors. Keep in mind, there should not be a color revolution for every brand. However, there are smart ways to add boldness without changing the entire history of a brand.

Color gradients

gradient trend

Gradients are a fresh use of color to enhance graphic design. Designers use two or more different colors to paint one element while gradually fading between them. The result feels like a new color, which gives brands more options in the amount of “tones” available. The gradient technique helps create a modern feel when combined with bold, popping colors.

Hand drawn graphics

hand drawn holiday graphics

Re-drawing photos and fonts into illustrations creates one-of-a-kind imagery. Hand drawn graphics are pieces of art and they do not go out of style. Illustrations are one of the long-running graphic design trends that will continue to bring unique personality to media and marketing pieces.

Double effects

double exposure design

Using two different overlapping images in monochrome colors creates a double exposure effect. Made popular in album covers and movie posters, this effect grew in popularity for other branded elements in recent years. Another “double” among graphic design trends is double color light. This effect is edgy and modern. Double light is achieved with two actual sources of light (or color channel splitting). Expect double trends to continue into 2018.

Authentic photography

authentic photography 2018

Today’s consumers demand authenticity in everything, including imagery. Designers have turned away from generic posed stock photography – and they may never turn back. Demand for real-life photography will increasingly grow in 2018. Brands must seek to connect with their users, and fake is a major turn-off.

It is a fun time for marketing and branding. Customers are in charge and they demand creativity. Graphic design elements are bold, mesmerizing, and unique. Keep an eye out for these trends in 2018.