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Simple marketing improvements your business can make today

business simple marketing improvements

Girls with Light Bulb on her Head as a Metaphor for Business making innovative yet simple marketing improvements

Business owners—have you compiled your wish list of marketing improvements for 2018? Before you embark on your big and bold strategic initiatives for the year, take a moment to ensure these basic tasks are complete. You can make several simple but important marketing improvements today. Ask yourself these questions:

Is our business URL listed on every piece of communication?

Make sure all consumer touch points include the business website. The URL should be easily visible (and clickable on any electronic communications) on email newsletters, brochures or sales sheets, letterhead, and advertisements. If any communication pieces are missing the URL, add it right away.

Is there brand consistency on all social profiles?

Navigate to every social media profile you have for your business. Are the profiles using the same imagery, same logo, and same tone of voice? Is the company description the same on all of the networks? Ensure that consumers who follow via one social network would easily recognize the brand on any other social network also.

Can pay-per-click targeting be tightened?

This improvement can improve cost efficiency. Broad keywords in paid search and paid social may be wasting your budget. Include geography in all targeting and keywords. Review ad results and eliminate target parameters that are too broad or not cost effective. Find ways to hone in on specific audience segments and speak to those customers in a relevant way.

Are there customers who have not heard from our business in a while?

If your customers have only heard from your company via impersonal mass emails, it may be time to reach out on a more personal level. Call current customers. Find out what they need and if they have any suggestions for improvement. Doing so will provide you with valuable information and will remind customers of your desire to provide great service.