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Ethnic food trends: spices, sauces, and rubs

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Food trends constantly influence the flavors selected for packaged goods and restaurant menus.  Bland is definitely not allowed, so today’s chefs and product manufacturers are sourcing unique spices from around the globe.

Innovation inspiration from ethnic spices

Spices are one of the bolder food trends this year. Remember when we saw sriracha-flavored everything? Food innovators call harissa, a spicy red pepper paste from Africa, the next sriracha. In addition, the timut pepper, from Nepal, is zesty and tinged with a surprising grapefruit taste. It leaves a tingly residual heat on the palate and is anything but boring. South African peppadew peppers are also growing in popularity.

food trends harissa packaging

Black pepper is back in the spotlight

While exotic peppers are increasingly popular, we are also seeing tried-and-true black pepper on the list of food trends. According to spice giant McCormick, “after hiding in plain sight for so many years, pepper is finally capturing the spotlight… the next wave of spicy flavor.” To stay current, chefs use pepper’s bold edge in new ways, “tempered by naturally sweet ingredients like syrups and exotic fruits.” At the grocery store, home cooks can find the convenience of packaged blends mixing black pepper and other peppers or flavors.

food trends black pepper blendsPackaging for spices, sauces and rubs

Food packaging must perform critical functions: to protect the product and to provide necessary information about the product via proper labeling. Beyond the basic functions, however, packaging design communicates a brand identity to consumers who glance at a grocery shelf for a fleeting moment. Spices should be bold and exciting, and evoke thoughts and feelings of native cuisine.

When our Atlanta packaging design team works with a client, we begin with discovery. We immerse ourselves in the brand and the competition. When id8 client Socks’ Love Rub began seeing growing demand for their 100% all-natural spice blends, they approached us for rebranding and packaging design. Prior to this project, the packaging did not tell the Socks’ Love Rub “story.” It was functional, but did not pull consumers’ eyes to the product. We took the packaging design further with better differentiation between the flavors and a look that stands out from competition.

packaging design spice rub

If you need a brand boost and effective packaging for your unique product, please give us a call! (770) 428-8668 or contact id8 online.