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Coffee packaging to meet millennial demand

millennials coffee packaging

Our love affair with coffee has grown through the generations, and coffee packaging is evolving to become modern to mirror consumer preferences. Fading away are the simple brew-at-home ground coffees in a basic tin or bag. Younger generations demand new ways to drink and experience their caffeine.

millennials coffee packaging

Millennials have updated the coffee industry

The millennial generation is more social than ever. They prefer experiences over the prior generation’s money-saving habits. Therefore, these young adults opt for in-person coffee shop experiences over brewing at home. So while coffee consumption as a whole is increasing among young consumers, making coffee and drinking it at home is declining. Coffee brands must appeal to this young working class and stand out with cool imagery and updated product packaging.

Today’s caffeine drinkers have also pushed cold brew to the mainstream. In fact, cold coffee is the beverage of choice among 18- to 35-year-olds. It is not to be confused with iced coffee – made by adding ice to hot coffee. Cold brewing uses room temperature or cold water and takes 12 to 24 hours to complete. Cold brew has more of a full body and a bit less acidity.

Additionally, millennials have an increased aversion to waiting. Their lives are fast-paced. Students and young parents often have more to-dos than they have time. This hectic pace of life has led to an increase in the demand for grab-and-go options. Coffee bottle design has to convey a brand personality that appeals to busy professionals and parents. An intriguing shelf presence is required to captivate attention among a growing grocery store

Three considerations for eye-catching coffee packaging

Roasters and coffee bottlers must understand the importance of packaging design, especially in light of current consumer trends. The right coffee packaging will enable customer recognition. Brand personality makes you stand out on store shelves and social media. So, what will appeal most to the audience you need to entice? Take time to ponder these considerations as you seek to update your brand:

Modern or Traditional?

The brown bag is representative of traditional coffee packaging. Does your brand have a unique reason to hold on to the traditional feel? Or should the packaging design pop with a modern look?

Edgy or pretty?

Attractive packaging artwork and unique finishes establish the style of a brand. Both beautiful and edgy packaging will stand out on a shelf. Authenticity is important to young buyers, so packaging design must be true to the brand promise. Is the heart and soul of your brand edgy, retro, serene, natural?

 Informative or succinct?

Maintain the right balance of information and simplicity when considering the design of your coffee packaging. Too much information on a product can be overwhelming. Millennial consumers know how to find information online. However, a consumer may reach for something else if packaging omits important details. Evaluate your must-have details to ensure the packaging does its job.


Coffee packaging, whether for beans or grounds or bottles, is a functional necessity for freshness. It is also what customers will envision when they hear a brand name. Coffee packaging can close the deal by making one brand stand out among others, so you really want the right look.