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Do manufacturing and industrial companies need branding?


Branding is not limited to just consumer products; in fact, manufacturing and industrial brands benefit greatly from the recognition and trust that good branding brings them. Manufacturing and industrial brands often compete in a crowded marketplace. Masterful brand differentiation can position you to win more business.


Important considerations for manufacturing branding

Building a positive reputation is essential to success. A branding strategy will help get you there. As you embark on the process with your marketing team and expert agency partners, consider the following points:

Go deeper than brand recognition

Effective branding will create name recognition, but it should also do more. Capabilities recognition means customers and prospects not only know the brand name, but also everything the company can provide. Take it even further to wrap up the company’s unique capabilities into the brand itself. Make certain that anyone who encounters your brand knows exactly what you provide and what they can expect. And without question, live up to your brand promises. Meeting expectations is the cornerstone of building trust.

Evaluate your visual presence

Do your current logo and marketing materials accurately reflect how you want people to perceive your brand? Often, a logo, font, or color palette will come to mind first when people recall a brand. So, it is important to present your manufacturing brand by using the right logo, font, and colors. Make selections with which customers will identify, while avoiding any visual similarities with competitors.

Understand how retailers might display your products

Manufacturers sell products to multiple retailers with differing design restrictions like shelving position and size. Your product packaging should easily transfer between retailers while maintaining consistency within the brand. Furthermore, the design should take into account shelf placement. Ensure that each side of your packaging sells the product to the consumer, no matter which is placed front facing.

id8 packaging design for Spectra Pro Select

A thoughtful manufacturing brand strategy, when conducted credibly and consistently, will generate growth and success. At id8, we celebrate manufacturers’ $2 trillion+ contribution to the U.S. economy. We have expertise in branding for manufacturing and industrial companies, so feel free to reach out to us anytime!