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Wellness branding for body & mind

wellness branding id8 atlanta

Wellness branding is more than just a fad or trend. Wellness focused on self-care has become a standard way of life for many. Brands that support this lifestyle are experiencing a growth in demand. Well-being is no longer a health measure, it is a whole-life measure. For marketers who understand this evolution, it carries great potential.

wellness branding id8 atlanta

“Brands that will have the biggest impact are ones that will make it more accessible for people to live a balanced life in mind, body, and soul,” according to Kelsey Groome, co-author of a 2018 Wellness Journey report from TRAUB. Wellness branding reveals companies’ understanding that wellness is a full lifestyle that needs a range of supporting goods and services.


Self-care is essential

Women are busier and faced with more stresses than ever before. Thankfully, self-care is now increasingly available. We can find peace with hobbies like knitting or journaling, and also via purchases like face masks or spa services. But, despite what Instagram might have you believe, self-care is less about facemask selfies than “everyday healthy rituals that help keep your body and mind energized,” says Nikisha Brunson, co-founder of Urban Bush Babes. “Like going to bed at the same time every night and eating wholesome foods.”

Some brands recognize that consumers are over-worked, and have begun rewarding them for moments of relaxation. This marketing approach encourages and fosters a culture of self-care. It takes wellness branding into the heart and mind of today’s mindful consumers.


What makes wellness branding successful?

Research on successful wellness brands typically identifies a few common, consistent traits. First and foremost, successful brands display authentic support for the self-care lifestyle. In all aspects of wellness branding, the marketing “winners” are personified with a voice of understanding, motivation, and encouragement. For retail products, packaging design with unique functionality or a positive social message sets successful brands apart. Also, successful wellness branding always pairs well with a smart and honest social media presence. Retailers and consumers are more likely to take a chance on a new brand that has a strong grassroots following and consumer engagement. Consumers want to meet their health goals in meaningful ways. On social media, wellness brands can inspire consumers to do just that.

Today, there is more opportunity for emerging brands to compete in the wellness and self-care space. However, it is essential for marketers to articulate what makes their product different and tell their brand story in a relatable way.

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