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Civic rebranding: awakening community pride

civic branding Marietta

What is civic rebranding?

In its most simple definition, it is the marriage of “civic” (relating to a city or town), plus “rebranding” (changing an image). Therefore, civic rebranding is an effort to change or update the identity of a city or town. Understanding current perception, as well as leaders’ goals for the future, guides the rebranding process. Effective rebranding will help stimulate civic pride in the residents and attract new businesses.

A promise to the people

For a location, brand is about the promise of a great experience. If you are a civic location, that promise comes with added challenges: you do not own or manage the businesses down the street or the residents who live there. A civic rebrand must effectively create belief in the promise of a positive experience. In addition, civic brand purpose must be championed by the people who live and work there. Having a shared purpose builds your foundation and connections.

 A square, a city, and a county

Creation of a civic brand authentically defines, influences, and connects people to your location. At id8, we have a passion for design, branding, and community. Here are a few examples of our work for beloved local areas:

civic branding Marietta

The Marietta Square needed a strong, memorable brand, complete with a name, a logo, and a story. The resulting rebrand built on the idea of “a uniquely authentic city center where you can enjoy in-town culture with small-town charm.” Business owners have embraced the new brand by including the branded sticker on shop doors, car windows, and gift packaging.

civic branding CantonGA

The City of Canton wanted a new identity, centered on the thoughts and opinions of its community. A new identity for Canton was chosen, based on the Etowah River. It was the ideal symbol for connectivity, community, and nature, which are all primary benefits of living, doing business in, and visiting Canton.

Select Cobb Rebranding

Development Authority of Cobb County (DACC) had a website that did not reflect the county’s identity. They needed to tell Cobb County’s story concisely – but with impact. Cobb County is a great place for businesses to launch, expand, or relocate. Accordingly, the Select Cobb brand identity rests on a foundation of boldness and forward-thinking. Local business owners and county government officials feel strongly represented by Select Cobb.

We would love to discuss a civic rebrand to increase prosperity and pride within your neighborhoods – reach out anytime!