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id8 is still doing idGREAT on Clutch!

Hot chocolate on a cold day, finishing your holiday shopping, and snuggling with a dog – we all have a list of things that make us feel great at the end of the year. id8 is like everyone else, we’ve got a few things we love to experience (including hot chocolate). But our agency gets to experience one thing that we couldn’t have accomplished on our own this year – a place on Clutch’s top design & branding agencies list for 2018!

We began our partnership with Clutch earlier this year to start formally collecting our clients’ feedback. As an unexpected perk of that effort, we’ve earned 4 stellar reviews (4.5 stars overall!) and have been featured in two Clutch awards campaigns. (Check out our previous Clutch feature when you get the chance!)

As we start reviewing 2018 and considering how our agency will grow in 2019, here are some of the highlights we’re taking into account:

“All of the work that id8 produced for us was incredible…”

“Their team has many amazing qualities, but their greatest strength is undoubtedly their creativity.”

“Their team took complete ownership of any errors or miscommunications and immediately made the necessary changes.”

We’ll be sure to keep these strengths in mind while planning our ambitions for the new year! Meanwhile, we’re excited to continue our strong partnership with Clutch and maintain our place among the top branding agencies in Atlanta on Clutch and its sister platforms, The Manifest and Visual Objects.

Be sure to watch us in the new year, and contact us if you’d like to know how we can help your business grow!