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How do I brand my business? Take this Branding Masterclass to find out

There’s no question—branding is important. But do you understand what branding is and how to use it correctly? Answer a few simple questions and see whether you’d benefit from a branding masterclass led by an industry-leading brand expert. But first, let’s answer this question:

What is branding?

Let’s debunk a popular myth. Branding is more than just a logo. And branding is not limited to just consumer products. In fact, manufacturing and industrial brands benefit greatly from the recognition and trust that good branding provides.

A simple brand is more believable than a complicated value proposition. Presenting a straightforward and memorable brand is essential to success. Building a brand is a deliberate process that involves self-awareness of the value proposition and what’s important to your customers. Know what resonates with your audience so customers and prospects not only know your brand name, but also the competitive advantage you provide.

Who needs good branding?

Absolutely everyone. Whether you are a Fortune 500 Company or a sole practitioner, branding is your most valuable intangible asset.

What should I consider when branding?

Everything. From colors to fonts, every aspect of your brand should be chosen judiciously because every aspect of your brand’s design and presentation will have a psychological effect on your target audience.  For example, did you know that your font influences your credibility?

Should I attend this branding workshop?


If you can answer “Yes!” to four or more of the questions below, enroll in the Branding Masterclass today and discover how your organization can use branding for greater success:

  • Are you the CEO, VP of Marketing or Sales, or a leader in manufacturing?
  • Are you losing customers to your competitors?
  • Is it complicated to explain what you do?
  • Does your website look dated?
  • Is it difficult to get new leads?
  • Does your printed catalog make it hard to order instantly?
  • Does your marketing support your claim as an industry leader?

Who is teaching the masterclass?

Branding expert Kriston Sellier has worked for Fortune 500 companies with IBM, and her desire to help business leaders succeed inspired her to create her own agency laser-focused on branding. By following her strategic guidance and putting in the work, her clients have achieved ambitious goals— including private school enrollment increased to full capacity, product sales up by 25%, a 59% increase in revenue in new lines of business, and successful start-up launches.

How does she do it?

During Kriston’s years dedicated to the art and science of branding, she has noticed that all organizations have the same basic set of identity problems. Kriston will set you up for success by sharing elegant branding methods and insights proven successful for industry leaders, Fortune 500 companies, not-for-profits, and privately-owned businesses.

Session attendees will leave with clear direction for their brand, armed with knowledge, a personalized blueprint, and a 20-page guidebook (filled out in class) with notes and specific actions they can take to get results.

Sign up today!