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Rebranding 101: Why and what you need to rebrand

Juju Beverage rebrand logo sketches

So, you already have a brand. Why get a new one? Here are seven solid reasons why investing in a rebranding initiative is necessary. This Branding 101 checklist also outlines the scope of the project. During this process, most entities tackling a rebranding project are surprised by two things: (1) The scope of the project and (2) The importance of incorporating an intangible asset during the change.

Juju Beverage rebrand logo sketches

First, here are seven reasons why it may be time to rebrand:

Reason 1: Times are changing, and no brand is futureproofed.

This is no time to be sentimental — even the most iconic brands evolve. In fact, evolving with marketplace trends is key to their success. Brands need to keep up with consumer demand. The smartest brands don’t just keep up; they look to the horizon, see where the marketplace is heading, and stay ahead of the curve.

Reason 2: You don’t stand out.

Multiple businesses are pursuing the same customer and proposing solutions to the same problem. And without careful consideration and self-awareness, these brands can start to look alike. If your brand no longer stands out amongst the competition, it’s time to rebrand.

Reason 3: You changed how you do business.

Have you recently streamlined your processes and have become more efficient? Will that increased agility help deliver a better customer experience? Or perhaps you have become more environmentally friendly? Your external image should emulate these internal changes.

Reason 4: You’ve changed your product line.

If you’ve expanded your product offering, refreshed your existing product line, or changed how you deliver your products, your external image needs to reflect these changes.

Reason 5: Low energy. It’s time to revitalize your brand.

Lethargy is the enemy of progress. If your employees are uninspired, that will be reflected in your customer service and the quality of your products. It’s time to breathe new life into your brand and your workforce.

Reason 6: It’s time to make a commitment (or a clean break).

If your business is merging, acquiring, or spinning off — it’s time to rebrand. These major initiatives are often a time of transition and uncertainty. It’s the ideal time to redefine your identity, define clear goals, and unify your workforce.

Reason 7: You’ve suffered a setback.

It happens. Many household names and iconic brands have suffered from negative publicity and needed a fresh start. If your business has suffered a setback, a rebrand can help reinstate the optimism needed for your employees and customers to revitalize your business.

What does a rebrand include?

A rebrand is more than a new logo and color scheme. It’s galvanizing your purpose and taking a unified approach toward a common goal, and it needs to be reflected within all touchpoints:

Digital assets, including but not limited to:

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Email auto signatures
  • PowerPoint/presentation templates
  • Digital newsletter templates
  • Digital letterhead
  • Estimate and invoice forms

Other assets, including:

  • Store/office signage
  • Tradeshow signage
  • Branded giveaways
  • Printed marketing collateral
  • Business cards
  • Branded apparel
  • Branded vehicles

The most important asset to evolve during a rebrand: Your culture

Finally, the most important aspect of a rebrand is addressing your organization’s culture. Employees are your brand ambassadors, and they need to embody the new brand for it to be successful. An effective rebrand is broken into a phased launch approach. Phase 1 should be an internal launch designed to educate employees and generate enthusiasm, and phase 2 of the launch is the external splash.

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