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Rebranding to Sell

Branding has always been — and always will be — an effective way to immediately impact value. It is a great way to increase the value of a business without changing your operations. When succession planning, a rebranding initiative within five years of selling is critical to ensure the brand is current and clear. And the beauty for the buyer is that they don’t have to do the work. Like buying a new house, they can buy the business and start enjoying it right away with no rehabilitation needed.

If you are considering taking on a rebranding project designed to increase value before a sale, it’s essential to do these three critical things for your business:

  1. Be consistent.

When a business evaluates another for purchase, the potential buyer will look at all aspects of the company in short order. This review includes your online and physical presence in its entirety. When presenting a holistic view of the business in a compressed timeframe, the brand must be cohesive throughout all aspects of the company. A disjointed, messy approach to marketing will raise a red flag, signaling internal operations share similar characteristics. On the other hand, a consistently well-executed rebranding campaign will instill confidence in the value of the business.

  1. Your web site must have curb appeal.

From social media to invoices, every single customer touchpoint is critical. That being said, the web site is of utmost importance. To extend the home-buying analogy, a dilapidated web site that lacks curb appeal is a dealbreaker. No matter how efficiently your business operation runs, a cumbersome, outdated website will make it a hard sell for prospective buyers — and it definitely won’t earn top dollar.

As potential buyers cruise by your business, ensure your web site entices them to slow down and open their hearts and wallets. An appealing website pulls the visitor in with a clean look and inviting images and text.  An easy user interface welcomes visitors to learn more. Resizing for mobile devices is no longer an option — it’s a must-have. On the back end, the site needs to utilize a language that is current and allows for updates and scalability.

  1. You need to offer smart marketing.

Modern marketing tools are hot. We live in a world rich with technology and data, and a good marketing program that leverages both is an incredibly valuable asset. Add value to your business with a progressive marketing program that utilizes current technologies.

Buyers don’t want to depend on substantial marketing expenditures to maintain a strong brand. Show how you’re better than the competition at targeting your ideal customers. You should demonstrate that you know how to reach them efficiently.

Your brand is the intangible asset that fuels long-term value creation in today’s competitive marketplace. If you are preparing to sell your business, the experts at id8 are ready to maximize your value by optimizing your brand. Contact us today!