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id8’s Kriston Sellier Nominated for PIAG Education Foundation Board

The essential position will help shape the next generation of leaders in graphic design and communication

Marietta, Georgia, May 5, 2020—Kriston Sellier, President of id8, was recently nominated and officially accepted to serve on the board for the Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia (PIAG) Education Foundation on February 27, 2020.

Sellier’s company, id8, joined PIAG in 2019 and currently serves as an active member. Sellier will hold per position on the board for two years and will play an instrumental role in forming and achieving the Foundation’s strategies.

The PIAG Educational Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization, was created in 1985 “to ensure a bright future for the printing and imaging community through a focus on education.” PIAG advances the industry through attracting and developing the next generation workforce, educating and training the current workforce, and promoting print as a smart solution to today’s challenges.

The Foundation works closely with the Georgia Department of Education and PrintEd accredited schools to provide key programs like SkillsUSA Georgia, high school outreach, printing industry ambassadors, and the PrintEd certification process. With these programs, the Foundation delivers “affordable and timely programs in multiple formats for a variety of audiences and skill levels.”

For Sellier, education is a vital area she feels needs the most attention for the younger generations as they prepare for their future careers in graphic design and communications.

“I fully believe education begins in elementary school, where kids start to see how their ideas can solve big problems,” said Sellier, “like how to effectively communicate with a wide variety of people or apply critical thinking to simplify a complicated idea.”

Currently, Sellier serves on the Harrison High School’s advisory board for graphic design, which is also a participating school in the Foundation, and supports Kennesaw State University’s design curriculum by serving on the advisory board, providing strategic insight into the industry to guide the college’s course offerings. She was also invited to be a guest lecturer in a marketing class at Jacksonville State University to discuss web design and the impact of mobile devices.

“I believe the biggest gap in education is in between higher education and recent graduate experiences on the first job,” said Sellier. “Colleges should review their curriculum to ensure their students learn essential skills for professional expectations in the real world, like effective time management and communication to setting realistic goals for professional growth.”

Sellier personally advocates for bridging this educational gap through id8’s internship program. id8 has hosted both local and international students from around the globe in graphic design roles, providing them the opportunity to work on real projects with real companies. At the end of their internship, students are required to present a project explaining their creative solution to an existing client’s problem.

“From the very beginning, our interns are actively a part of the entire creative and strategy process for the project,” said Sellier. “Students get to experience how we communicate with one another and learn how a company operates. They work directly with the creative team on real projects, allowing them to apply their skills in a real-world setting.”

id8 continues to seek and accept interns year-round to help students transition from a structured educational system to a professional business world. Moreover, for Sellier, being able to serve on the PIAG Educational Foundation board only furthers her goal to help provide an excellent education for the next generation of designers and leaders.

“I am honored to be nominated as a leader who can help impact education in a big way,” said Sellier. “The PIAG Educational Foundation is an incredible organization, and I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise to help the Foundation reach its goals.”

About id8

Founded in 2000, id8 is an award-winning branding agency in metro Atlanta, recognized for developing conceptual brand experiences based on customer experience and sound strategic planning. Their purpose is to apply the vehicle of design as a vital force for cultural transformation. If a company is struggling to succeed, developing new marketing materials alone will not solve the problem. Instead, id8 works with businesses to help translate their unique customer experience into a brand that is consistent with sustainable marketing strategies delivering growth year after year.


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