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It’s time to evolve: How to launch a rebrand online and offline


Stuck in a rut? It may be time for your brand to evolve. All of the world’s most successful brands evolve over time. A rebrand or sometimes called a “brand refresh” builds on your investment. While the core values may remain the same, you can inject new life throughout the business with a brand refresh.

Look at the world’s most iconic brand for inspiration

A new tagline and a new look are a smart way to build on the strong foundation of the existing brand. People can match significant phases of their lives with the popular Coca-Cola tagline of the era, such as:

The pause that refreshes

Have a Coke and a smile

Coke is it!

Can’t beat the feeling!

The real thing

Open happiness

To further this iconic example, Coke has the savvy to evolve its brand seasonally with the now-famous polar bears around the holidays. It’s a smart way to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.

Here are three critical steps that will ensure you maximize the launch of your brand refresh and stay relevant to your target audience:

1. First, plan your internal launch

The internal launch portion of the plan should focus on communicating with the entire team about importance of the rebrand and the launch plan. Think of your employees as your most valuable brand, or rebrand, ambassadors. It’s important to get them onboard before the external roll out. Compelling storytelling techniques will help describe in a salient, memorable way why the new brand is an important part of the organization’s success story. Explain what it means to them personally and make them feel like there are an essential part of the narrative. Be clear about what the external launch will look like and the role they will play in it.

2. Next, bring in your inner circle

Everyone wants to be a part of the inner circle, and this is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the relationship with an important client. Give them a preview into the new and exciting things happening before the rebrand is made public. Invite them to preview the new branding before the official rollout out and get them excited about what’s to come. Share your evolving brand narrative and explain how it will contribute to your client’s success.

3. Shout it from the mountaintops

Something new and exciting is about to happen. Like planning an ambitious ascent to a breathtaking mountaintop vista, make a plan for a glorious apex. Plot the course by using social media, email and other marketing to build momentum and draw your audience into the adventure. Leverage Facebook and LinkedIn, along with Instagram.

One you’ve plotted your route, plan your celebration. Think big. What will get your audience’s attention? Create fanfare with fireworks, parades, food trucks, creative photo opps with matching t-shirts – whatever strikes their fancy and is worth posting and sharing. And make sure your rebranding work; your logo, your tagline and your messaging is on everything. Because your brand is everything.

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