Brand Equity Analysis

At id8, we are experienced with using exploration, research, and analysis to determine if your current brand has equity and understand how your customers feel about your brand.

We use this form of research for the Brand Equity Analysis if there isn’t additional research backing up a brand name or a brand identity. Our goal is to uncover information about customers, prospects, perceptions, and experiences. But, this information is difficult to get by asking clients.

Brand Audit

Investigating your brand via a Brand Audit is the first step we take. It allows us to gain a thorough understanding of the current brand. People will be more honest in interviews if they feel their input is anonymous. We perform this through a third-party reviewer.

Our goals change for each individual project, but some questions we ask are:

  • Does the name (and the brand associated with it) have equity?
  • How do people feel about the brand?
  • Should we change the name (evolution or revolution) or not at all?

Brand Review

Following the Brand Audit, we next perform a Brand Review to understand the current positioning of the brand in the eyes of the business leaders.

Brand Equity Survey

We use all this gathered information to build and execute the Brand Equity Survey. It provides a view into your consumers’ perception of your products and services. Our goal is to determine the perceived value in the hearts and minds of customers. We measure awareness, regard, relevance, personality, and engagement.

Brand Equity Report

Finally, we collect and analyze our Brand Equity Survey results. And we collect Customer Interview results in a Brand Equity Report. These deliverables provide your business leadership team with the insight they need. The Brand Equity Report contains results, critical takeaways, recommendations, and next steps.

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