Branded Materials

Branded materials aren’t just throw-away promotions like cheap pens. Branded materials should be thoughtful and meaningful, or at least functional.

Municipality Branded Materials for Promotion

As id8 works on building brands, we think about the customer specifically and come up with new ideas and ways to incorporate the brand into daily life. They should be different for each client because their customer personas are different.

We match the customer’s wants and needs to curate the optimal branded materials that the customers will use and keep.


We don’t just go on a promotions website and pick the most popular items. On behalf of our clients, we think like their customers and come up with new ways to integrate the brand into the entire customer experience. We look at prospecting as a phase, and follow that up with the consideration phase, buying phase, delivery phase, and loyalty phase. We also look internally. The team members of the organization itself are the best ambassadors for the brand. Giving them hats, shirts, and well-made bags can really help build brand awareness.

Branded Materials and the Customer Experience

Recently at id8, our creative team was working on branded materials for Southern Construction Fence. Southern Construction Fence specializes in temporary fences and crowd control. During the rebranding process, we applied their new logo to a Carhartt Vest. The client really liked the look and is going to have embroidered logos sewn onto the right chest pocket area of their jackets. In this way, the Southern Construction Fence brand will be aligned with a strong well-known brand. Plus, the team really likes wearing that brand, so it works out.

For the Burritos Bigger Than Your Head campaign, Chipotle used branded materials as a part of their campaign. Black t-shirts with white screen-printing were worn by the burrito makers. When they were making a burrito, you could read their funny campaign taglines on the back of their t-shirts and it added color to the entire campaign.

Branded materials should impact the customer experience in all aspects of the customer life cycle. Our philosophy is that branding goes beyond the marketing department. We want to help each department, whether it is HR or operations, tell the brand story to employees and customers.

If you are looking for a way to brand items that are meaningful, we would like the opportunity to spend an hour with you brainstorming. Let’s come up with ideas together! Send us an email so we can set a date.