id8 applies design thinking to solve bigger problems. If a company is struggling to succeed, just developing new marketing materials won’t solve the issue. Instead, we work with businesses to help translate their unique brand experience into a design that is both sustainable and reflective of their core value in the marketplace.

Rebranding for Atlanta North School, A Private Christian School

In Atlanta North School’s case, the superficial problem was low enrollment despite the school’s superior academics, hard-working teachers, and vibrant, energetic culture. To solve the bigger, hidden problem, id8 dove headfirst into the customer experience from the parents’ shoes—how did it feel to research the school, enroll their student, and walk the halls for the first time? This research uncovered a strong disconnect between the real and perceived school culture among the greater marketplace. So, we developed a rebranding strategy that clearly conveys why they are the superior choice for education. This rebrand, based on Experiential Design, resulted in an extraordinary return on investment of over 2,300%.

The branding services we offer are listed below. For each client, we customize a branding package based on where they have been, where they are today, and where they will be in the next three years.
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Agency of Record

Over a one-year period, id8 provides full-service branding and marketing services to support the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch of your brand. id8 strategizes and then implements, at a specific cadence, marketing activities to build brand awareness with the internal team and specific target audience segments. This process helps to sustain your brand and ultimately serves to unify the brand experience while building brand equity.

Brand Strategy

id8’s brand strategy is the systematic development of a brand in alignment with a personalized set of business objectives. Your business objectives initially drive evolutionary or revolutionary changes that would need to occur with your brand. In addition, operational changes may be happening simultaneously with brand changes and maintaining a schedule of how to orchestrate the change harmoniously is critical to achieving the objectives.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the creation of a visual identity for your organization. This is also called a logo, logo design, or a mark. At id8, we begin with questions and listening to the leaders in your organization. After we have a sound understanding of your organization, we put pencil to paper and start sketches.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity through id8 is your stationery set and materials that your brand will use on a daily basis. This includes letterhead, envelopes, business cards, digital letterhead, email signature, sales presentations, labels, and more.

Positioning and Messaging

Share of mind is not an easy thing to get, and you might only have one chance to do it. We believe your company’s positioning and messaging must be clear and compelling to stand out and be remembered. At id8, we can help you articulate your position and craft the messages that will help define your brand and clearly communicate your value proposition.

Branded Materials

Branded materials are anything with your brand on it. At id8, we don’t want you to buy a bunch of cheap pens with logos. We are strategic about those choices and curate the items to select ones that will make strong impressions, stand out, and best express your brand’s unique position.

Brand Equity Analysis

We explore, research, and analyze to determine if your current brand has equity and understand how customers feel about your brand. It helps to uncover information about customers, prospects, perceptions, and experiences.

Customer Experience Design

Integrating your brand into a customer experience isn’t a job for architects or interior designers alone. It is best done when the team includes the business, the brand designer, the interior designer, and the architect—all working together. This way, the brand team can ask questions and find some meaningful ways to integrate your brand details into the wall signs, floor designs, or even the selection of décor ideas and design details.

Brand Style Guidelines

id8 creates brand guidelines that explain how to use your logo, fonts, colors, spacing, and style for future brand sustainability. The guidelines are created after your full corporate identity, marketing materials, and website are created.

Brand Naming

We start by examining your positioning and messaging to understand who you are, what you do, and how you do it better and differently. We study your culture, brand personality, and more. Ultimately, we create a naming brief to guide a successful brand naming process which ends with protecting the work through the process of trademarking your new name through the federal government.

Brand Signage

id8 creates brand signage that translates your brand image into outdoor or interior signs, wayfinding, experiential design, or wall graphics. Let us help you enhance the visual impact of your brand with vibrant new signage.

Brand Audit

An effective way to reveal your strengths and weaknesses is to engage id8 to perform a comprehensive brand audit. A brand audit will enlighten your business about its current position in the marketplace and shed light on how to fully leverage your strengths today.

Customer Personas

A customer persona is a model of your ideal customer. id8 creates customer personas to better understand each audience segment so that marketing efforts can be even more targeted and successful.