Business Development

NEW POSITION - Do you get energized by attending networking events? Do you love being able to react quickly to a prospect’s request, while juggling multiple opportunities at the same time? Is sitting in a cubicle all day a form of torture for you? Varied work, shifting priorities, and deadlines don’t stress you out – you can handle whatever is thrown your way.

Relationships build strong connections, which are key to our success here at id8. We believe that branding can improve experiences and businesses, and we want to serve those businesses through our services. As we plan for the future, this business development position is focused on reaching out to grow our market and capture more opportunities.

Join our growing creative team headquartered on the historic Marietta Square located in the Metro Atlanta area! id8 is seeking a candidate who will take active leadership roles in a close contact network association and various community business organizations. Key Performance Indicators would be centered around attending 20 networking meetings and writing 30 proposals each month while effecting building relationships.

The position is compensated with a base salary plus commissions and has the potential to earn a huge paycheck! Our creative team is ready and able to best serve the clients you would bring to us.


  • Relationship Building through Networking
  • Referral Generation
  • 30% + Rate of Closing Sales


  • 2+ Years of Experience in Marketing
  • Degree in Sales, Marketing, Advertising, or Communications