City Logo Design

City of Locust Grove: A proven growth strategy builds interest to live, work, and play through new city logo design.

The City of Locust Grove has been growing over the past few years. With convenient access to major transportation and highway systems, Locust Grove had a unique opportunity. It can refine its brand identity to reach new and existing audiences, unifying its community. One key aspect of that was their city logo design.
You can look at cities like individual brands. A city’s brand may not seem as tangible as a corporate brand. At its core, the brand encompasses personality and experience. It supports the promise it offers to its residents, businesses, and visitors. Those aspects then translate into expectations and memories for each audience group. This is based on the social and community connection involved. A brand strategy is vital in addressing a city logo design because it supports the ultimate goals of the brand (in this case, a city in the midst of rapid growth) through a foundation of research and implementation of brand elements.

A First Interaction

A city logo design is one of the first interactions someone will have with the brand. They will see it as they enter the community and take in the sights and sounds of the area. The stronger the brand presence the more residents, business owners, and visitors to feel a sense of connection to the city. Visuals, including signage, wayfinding, branded local events, and other materials enforce this connection. Tourism and local businesses enjoy a strong brand presence as well. These positive perceptions further boost both. It leads to more people talking about, supporting, and interacting with the city.
Before the creation of the city logo design for Locust Grove, id8 developed a new positioning statement. We based this on extensive qualitative research, gathering descriptive and meaningful information. Our team collected this data through community surveys, man on the street, and stakeholder interviews. They also performed a review of the competitive landscape and netnography. Together, these shape the foundation of the positioning. It built upon perceptions of the Locust Grove brand from internal and external stakeholder groups.

Creating A New Message

Guided by the discoveries from the research, we created a new message. It positions the charming and inviting City of Locust Grove as one with as much opportunity as there is legacy. It also communicates a clear and consistent image for each of its audiences. Nestled between Macon and Atlanta and “cultivated by generations of families building their legacies within the bricks of historic Main Street, Locust Grove encourages a community where everyone is your neighbor, always willing to spark up a conversation.” It is a place “where convenience and opportunity combine, and where history is respected and inspires a renewing future.” The City of Locust Grove has always been and will always be a place where its residents, business owners, and visitors belong. The city welcomes all with open arms.

This positioning and the profound meaning behind it needed to translate into the city logo design.

Locust Grove’s resulting city logo design

Meant to evoke a sense of comfort and security, Locust Grove’s city logo design represents the feeling residents and visitors alike experience within the community. It is a place to rest and unwind. To enjoy both the deep-rooted history and modern renewal with what lies ahead. Grounded in natural tones of forest green and tan, the city logo design also features a locust tree held within the O of “Grove,” and is further highlighted with the curve of the R reinforcing safety and a community bond. Modernized with a strong nod to the city’s past, it was with this new mark, tied to the foundational positioning, that The City of Locust presented its renewed brand to its many constituents.


City Logo Design


Locust Grove received an overwhelmingly positive response and acceptance from its employees and the community after presenting the new city logo design during the 2019 Locust Grove Day and Quasquicentennial (125th) Celebration. Since its introduction, the city logo design has been fully embraced and utilized across social media, branded giveaways, local community events, and even fabricated into signage in the downtown area. Connected to the new positioning statement, the city logo design suits the growth of the area and builds further upon the Locust Grove brand story that began well over a century ago. With the consistency of the brand strategy and unification of its messaging and visual identity, the City of Locust Grove is engaging the existing constituents and will certainly attract new residents, businesses, and visitors to its growing community.


City Logo Design