Company Logo and Branding

We are a specialized branding agency and one of the key services we offer is company logo and branding. It is one of the most challenging projects. It takes your complex business and sums it up into one visual idea. We’ve spent 20 years perfecting our process. Our creative team delivers successful logo designs for thriving businesses in a variety of industries.

Company Logo and Branding Design for Kaplan Residential from Sketches to Final New Logo

Successful company logo and branding represents what you stand for. It builds an emotional connection between your company as a whole and your customers. A logo design isn’t a favorite color or design. We learn about your organization, your culture, your customers, your product/service, and your business goals. Our creative directors and graphic designers begin sketching. They develop concepts to solve the problem. How do we create one mark that represents this organization? An organization that has so much diversity in people, offerings, processes, and systems? We answer these questions.

Our Company Logo and Branding Design Philosophy

We at id8 believe that a logo reveals the truth. A logo is the merge of data and art together and is the simplest yet most difficult symbol to create because it is that simple. It’s one thing. A mark. A logo. It’s a word. But it stands for so much more. We align organizations and strategic plans to grow over time. A logo can be the spark to unify an organization. It’s not the logo alone, but, it is the entire brand experience. We start with understanding your company’s position in the marketplace. The creative team at id8 can use that information and transition to designing a logo that is a true representation of your organization.

Custom Fonts

There are thousands of fonts (typefaces, typography) to consider for logo design. A reputable typeface designer is Hoefler&Co. H&Co is famous for creating lasting, high-end typefaces. Unfortunately, there are many other typefaces that aren’t made with that kind of attention. Many fonts are created poorly, such as fonts that don’t have adequate spacing between letters, making them hard to read. That means there are thousands of fonts that aren’t the best solution for your brand. We agonize over the typeface to ensure it best represents your organization. A font must read well and be easy to reproduce whether for a business card, a website, or screen-printed on a burlap bag.

The font must also represent your unique culture and speak to your customers, the feeling around your organization, and your industry. We look through thousands of fonts and then curate the font options down to about thirty and then continue to refine until we find a font that hits the mark. Once we select a font, then we begin to customize the font by modifying letters, creating ligatures, and changing the kerning, spacing, and organization of the word(s). To stand out, using a custom font means that no other organization will have access to use that same font. It truly makes a brand stand out so much so that NetflixBBCApple, and so many more well-known brands have created custom typefaces.


For our professional graphic designers, another part of the logo design project is to carefully choose and assign the colors (Pantone Matching System or PMS) for the logo. We use Pantone colors for offset printing one-color, two-color, or three-color jobs, like a business card. If we are printing four-color (CMYK), whether by a traditional offset printer or with a digital printing system, Pantone colors aren’t used and will be converted to CMYK. As we select brand colors, the design team converts that color to CMYK for print applications and RGB for digital applications. Consistency of your logo design is critical to helping customers and prospects make a visual connection with your brand across different platforms. It’s critical to specify a PMS color to maintain consistency for your brand.

Take a look at some logo trends.

Company Logo and Branding Case Studies

City of Locust Grove
Kaplan Residential
City of Canton

id8’s proprietary process helps clients to translate their brand vision and meaningfully connect with their customers. We would love the opportunity to work with you on your logo design. Let’s talk!