Corporate Branding and Identity

Brochures and websites aren’t the only opportunities for corporate branding and identity. You can extend your corporate identity in more ways than you might realize. Do you send out invoices, mail correspondence, or trade business cards? It’s likely that you do all three every day or at least on a regular basis. These routine actions provide excellent opportunities to showcase your branding. id8 can help you make a powerful impact every time you communicate with the outside world. We offer an extensive list of corporate identity services, tailored to your needs. Your corporate branding conveys your company’s identity to customers, vendors, and the community. It’s essential your brand align to deliver the right message.

xact packaging corporate identity and logo design Atlanta Georgia

What is corporate branding and identity?

At id8, corporate identity services include logo design as well as business card design. Our services also include letterhead and envelope design. While we provide outstanding designs, we also keep your business in mind. We are mindful of your budget and create designs that are easy to use in print and digital applications. This flexibility gives you options when it comes to managing your corporate identity. It also makes it easier to adapt your communication and messaging as necessary. This helps when you need to build consistency into an existing communication strategy.

Regency corporate identity and logo design in Atlanta Georgia

Corporate branding also includes email signatures, e-letterheads, labels, and sales presentations. These and more are all included in the corporate identity services that we offer at id8. Each business is unique and operates in a different way. We find ways to add corporate branding and identity throughout your business process. This means we incorporate different parts of your business operations and all locations. See how id8 partnered with Kaplan Residential to develop a new branding strategy and how we shaped their identity.

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