Corporate Logo Design

Corporate logo design creates a clear direction and a strong foundation in your company.

Every company’s corporate brand needs to be cohesive in its communication. This is how you create a strong foundation for future growth. A new company purchased PTI Security Systems. They engaged id8 to help create a new corporate logo design for their company.


Corporate Logo Design PTI Logo


PTI Security Systems assembles and sells access control systems for self-storage facilities.

They are a leader in the market with operations in over 80% of secured sites in the world. After purchasing PTI, the new executive had plans for new technology and future growth for the company. But, their existing corporate brand was lacking and it warranted a new logo design.

Standing Out Among Competitors

PTI was a follower in the market and did not stand out among its competitors. Their corporate logo design used the same common red, white, and blue theme that their competitors used in their logo designs. To capture more of the market, they needed to become memorable. PTI engaged id8 to create a strong corporate brand and logo design.


Corporate Logo Design PTI id8 Branding Flyer


After reviewing their existing materials and surveying the market, the id8 team saw a need for a new logo for PTI. id8 designed a corporate logo with a black and yellow color palette. The new logo design consisted of a strong, connected font, conveying strength and authority. PTI’s corporate logo now stands out from its competitors.

Communicating Services

PTI offers a wide range of integrated security solutions, like keypads, door alarms, security software, and mobile apps. After their acquisition, they focused on offering more automated technology. Push-button security, automated door opening, and new safety measures. With the new design in place, id8 also created a new icon system. It was important for the brand elements to work together to help PTI communicate their new services in an easy and cohesive way to gain market share.


Corporate Logo Design          Corporate Logo Design - Website


id8 updated tradeshow materials, sales materials, advertising campaigns, and marketing materials. The new corporate logo was also used to create business cards, letterhead, and a website. These updated materials support the cohesive communication seen today in PTI’s logo design.

Since the rebrand of the company, PTI Security Systems has seen tremendous growth. PTI’s corporate logo design has allowed for new market growth into business intelligence, mobile, and automation.