City of Canton

The City of Canton selected id8 to create a new Brand and Marketing Strategy that positioned Canton as a pleasant place to live, work, and play for residents, businesses, and visitors.


Connecting the Community & Nature

Through the research and a better understanding of the target audience, a new brand identity for the city was chosen to symbolize the connectivity of the community and the nature that surrounds and runs through the city.

Canton - id8

Canton Residents Help Shape the Creative Process

For four months, id8 listened to Canton’s leadership, its business owners, residents, and visitors during one-on-one interviews, focus groups, workshops, street interviews, and an interactive online survey that was available to the public and City employees.

Canton - A destination for everyone

Aligning the Brand & Advertising

id8 also developed an advertising and marketing strategy to identify the short term strategies, as well as marketing tactics and tools that the City should adopt to communicate and deliver key messaging to its residents, business owners, and visitors.

Canton - First Friday

Highlighting the Residents

Editorial/lifestyle photos were taken of the City that utilizes actual residents of Canton, Cherokee County, or Cobb County. Photographs covered four main aspects of Canton: downtown including streetscapes, shopping, and dining; parks and recreation focusing on biking, landscapes, and water sports.

It feels like Canton. It’s friendly and it’s fun. Like I always tell my clients, a great brand hovers above people, place, and product. This represents all of that in one nice package.”

- Bill Grant, Mayor, City of Canton
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