Center Parc
Credit Union

The Atlanta Postal Credit Union (APCU) has a deep and rich history throughout Georgia, offering its members some of the best rates and most personalized services available. As a Credit Union, though, their financial services were not available to the public. In 2020, this changed when the APCU was able to charter a community credit union that would be able to serve all of Georgia’s citizens, giving them the same opportunity that postal union workers and family had enjoyed for a century. The APCU needed a new brand.


Capturing Service as a Value

Community credit unions have become ubiquitous in our region. But APCU has stood apart in their ability to focus on personalized, passionate service. So much so that Service is more a vocation than an activity.


An investment in Community

Through extensive research, it became clear that APCU has held a credible position as reinvesting in community. Whether through small business loans, individual accounts, or community events, the credit union has a long culture of building within the community they serve.


New brand, same culture, more members

The rebranding effort amplifies the best traits of the APCU culture and has brought it to Georgia citizens. A new logo, launch strategy, and community playbook is allowing Center Parc Credit Union to quickly expand in the state, capturing the attention and market share of citizens looking for a better alternative to large, impersonal financial institutions.

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