The City of Alpharetta

Over the past decades, the City of Alpharetta has grown by leaps and bounds, increasing its population and its resident businesses. In the recent past, the city built a reputation around its technology investment using the tagline “Technology City of the South.” While this is true, it is also not the whole story. The underpinnings of the technology facilitated the growth and made the city more attractive. It was their civic planning that attracted the businesses and residents. Today, the city stands as a beacon in metro Atlanta, setting the standard for what city development success looks like. To share this success, they needed a new message.

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As a connected city with deep cultural, social, technological, and logistic resources, Alpharetta is setting the standard for what city life will look like as we move through the connected decade. The new brand messaging is fluid and flexible enough to be applied in different ways that all resonate with the audience. It offers a credible, meaningful message.

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The new messaging arrives at a time when all members of our society have freshly experienced what it feels like to be disconnected, dislocated, and alone. There is a surging hunger among our population to feel more together while also being safe. Alpharetta’s infrastructure and civic planning is delivering on both of these ideas, offering a welcome balance.

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The city is not done. Between walkable trails and miles of fiber optic, city planners have been delivering on a vision of what a connected city will feel like. As we build on the brand pillars through communications, the city planners are building and delivering their promise. Putting action to word has been the hallmark of this successful city and why it has taken its rightful place as Georgia’s Connected City.

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