GM Fine Products

Coconut Chips, from GM Fine Foods, were introduced as a healthier snack alternative than traditional bagged snacks. For those in the market seeking a low-fat, baked product, Coconut Chips present a great choice that is healthy and full of flavor. Our challenge was to break out from a crowded health market in a meaningful way that is eye-catching and engaging.


Color, composition, and emotional triggers

Consumer package goods live and die on the initial impression, often within a split second of awareness. To connect and maintain attention, the packaging has a natural visual flow, moving from bold headlines to emotional logo and finally to the graphic representation of the product.

Planning for line extensions

Neet Coconut Chips come in three varieties, for now, and planning for a line extension is a critical part of the packaging process. As time goes on, the product may expand and diversify, and having a logical path for brand extension helps extend the life of the package design investment.


A smile goes a long way

Starting with the name, Neet, the logo, and the package design evoke the smiling, fun face of a child. Humans have a predilection to seeing faces in objects, and the logo helps capture the eye and keep the attention of the consumer.

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