Manufacturing Branding

Just like people mature and change over the course of their lives, manufacturing companies often do the same as their company grows, evolves with new technology, and potentially even merges with new acquisitions. Sometimes a manufacturer changes direction and needs a brand update to reflect their new vision. When that happens, it's critical that the updated brand connects with the stakeholders and engages with customers. And sometimes a brand quite simply becomes outdated, as the marketplace shifts and new technology emerges that changes how we manufacture and use products.

A brand is bigger than just a logo. It is the experience that your customers have when they work with you and it’s how they feel about your company after a job is done. It's what they say when you aren't in the room. It’s the emotional response they feel when someone else mentions your name or when they see your product on a shelf.

Manufacturing branding updates result in a new brand that articulates the company’s value and includes a guidebook to sustain and define the brand in terms of how the brand looks, how the brand talks, and what the purpose of the brand is.

The repetition of the brand messaging consistently creates syntax and lore, and the ability to connect with people in a much more meaningful way.

When is manufacturing branding critical?

Over the course of the life of your manufacturing company, there are several situations that call for new or updated manufacturing branding. Each of the situations is different and might call for different updates.

The first situation is when your company acquires or merges with another pre-existing company. This is a great way to grow your manufacturing company but can lead to confusion, among both your employees and your customers. A new brand and logo can help unify two recently joined companies. And it also alleviates any confusion about which logo should be used moving forward – everyone should use the new one! The new brand can also incorporate symbols, colors, and themes that help express the company’s new, unified mission. Showcase your vision for the future of your growing manufacturing company and help all of your employees – old and new – have a visual touchpoint to rally behind.

The second situation is when your manufacturing company introduced a change in service or a new product direction. Change is great, but when no one knows about or understands your improved services or products, that doesn’t help you. Updating your manufacturing branding to reflect your new services or products is a great way to put that in front of your customers and gives you a chance to tell your updated story.

If you’re starting to feel like your brand is stagnating in the marketplace, or not keeping up with competitors, it might be time to consider a manufacturing brand update. This is a great way to get customers excited about your brand and products again. While at the same time, you can make sure this new brand gives you an edge over your competitors – with a logo mark or color that really represents you and makes customers immediately think of your brand when they see it – such as how we all recognize the Home Depot shade of orange. A distinct, recognizable color has been shown to increase brand recognition by up to 80% (Source: University of Loyola, Maryland study), while a study conducted by the secretariat of the Seoul International Color Expo noted that almost 85% of respondents said that color is over half of the visual factor when choosing products.

Finally, it might be time to consider updating your manufacturing brand when you need some new clarity and vision internally. A new brand is a great way to bring out discussions about what sets your brand apart from your competitors and what you do better than them. As you evaluate yourself in relation to your marketplace, you’re able to see what you’re doing right and what you need to build on. It’s a great motivator to get your messaging on track and make sure everything you’re putting out into the world is telling your best story. A new brand for your manufacturing company will establish guidelines your employees can use when they talk about who you are and what you do.

id8 has the experience and a history of success when helping manufacturing companies revitalize their brand. We know how to research and define your current position in your marketplace, how to help you define goals and a clear mission statement for your new brand, and how to design compelling logo marks that will stand out from your competitors.

Case Study: A Success Story for Manufacturing Branding Spectra

Spectra Metal Sales, the nation’s leading manufacturer of rainware and gutter solutions, had a misleading name that did not reflect their true position in the marketplace, so they engaged id8 for clarity on their manufacturing branding. Their previous branding didn’t fully recognize their quality products nor the span of their reach, despite having 40 years of leadership and innovation in their sheet metal and aluminum rainware manufacturing industry.  id8 worked with Spectra to develop a new name and refreshed identity that successfully conveys its position in the rainware and gutter solutions industry, while also communicating their values of being American-made, veteran-owned, and family-operated.


id8 sharpened Spectra’s messaging and branding in a way that successfully represented their position as an industry leader in rainware manufacturing with the new name Spectra Gutter Systems. Spectra’s customers spanned across a range from the homeowner and consumer purchasers to contractors purchasing for larger building jobs. One of id8’s objectives was to create a branded experience that would appeal to consumer purchasers and contractors alike.



Together with id8, Spectra Gutter Systems has successfully established a new, unified brand on which they can build and grow for years to come. The new brand alludes to their rainware and gutter components with a font that uses similar angles and shapes as the products they build. And we showcase this on a sturdy metal sign, with an appealing metallic finish. The vivid red is eye-catching on shelves or in catalogs of when homeowners or contractors are shopping for new gutter equipment for their projects. And the “S” shaped icon which goes with the company’s new name is both visually appealing and a great frame for showcasing imagery within that shape on brochures, packages, and more.


Spectra Gutter Systems Rebranding components developed by id8 comprised a complete branding package including identity, positioning messaging, corporate identity, brand guidelines, marketing materials, catalog, tradeshow, retail packaging, strategy, signage, vehicle wraps, and showroom design.


How id8 Helps Create New Branding for Manufacturing Companies

Whenever people interact with your brand, it’s an opportunity to create a memorable impression and true brand engagement. It is important that your manufacturing brand fully conveys not just the services and products your company offers, but also the values and strength behind the company. id8 leverages its understanding of consumer behavior, brand strategy, and effective marketing to create a transformative branded experience capable of creating a connection between the manufacturer’s story and its audience in a meaningful way. Consumers are drawn to brands that help build emotional connections and support the values they believe in, things like being family or veteran-owned, or American-made. Highlighting these qualities makes the bond with the consumer stronger.

The branding experts at id8 rely on their proven 3-step process for branding manufacturers:

  1. Discovery
  2. Creative
  3. Execution

During the discovery phase, our branding team begins a comprehensive brand audit. This includes competitive research, stakeholder interviews, and a comprehensive look at the target audience (or in some cases, multiple target audiences). In the case of a merger or acquisition, we also look at all brand elements that the merging companies bring to the table, in terms of logos, colors, taglines, and more. Our team then dives deep into experiential research to gain an outside perspective on what the brand’s customer experiences when they engage with the brand to understand the customer journey process.

id8 takes these findings and applies them in the Creative phase. During this phase, the unique brand image is developed during lively brainstorm sessions, along with a brand story that elicits a positive emotional impact. We use typefaces, colors, and imagery or icons to elicit the response your manufacturing brand is trying to draw out of your consumers. We want them to realize the value and quality your brand brings to everything you manufacture.

Finally, the Execution phase results in a brand style guide, corporate identity, marketing materials, and digital presence — making it easy to seamlessly integrate the new brand across all platforms. We fully define your brand guidelines, for all media and placements, to ensure consistency for future applications of the brand for years to come.

The talented team at id8 is ready to help your manufacturing company build a brand strategy that puts you at a competitive advantage in the industry. Schedule a time to talk with us today!

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