Sun Rain Grow

Clarified butter, or ghee, is well known in traditional cooking but still a rarity outside the culture of the sub-continent. Sun Rain Grow, a line of ghee, sought to expand their audience’s awareness of this healthier choice as part of everyday cooking. When used in daily meals, ghee is a better alternative to vegetable oil or butter, offering more flavor and no artificial additives.


Expanding reach without appropriation

The package design intentionally evokes Indian style while being respectful of the ancient, cultural significance of ghee. The intent is to help to expose the CPG market to an intriguing alternative that a huge population of the world already appreciates.


Adaptive design allows for line extension

Starting with seven flavors in the line, planning for more flavors is important, demanding that the design is flexible enough to accommodate but consistent enough to maintain the product family. The mandala symbols formed the center of the design, with color variation and typography identifying each flavor, in the line.

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