Food Packaging Design

Why is food packaging design so important?

Over fifty percent of all purchases are based on emotion. Products that look good attract more consumers. When food packaging design is visually appealing, it creates a positive impact on sales. Great package design encourages consumers to reach for these products and brands instead of alternatives. This demonstrates the powerful effect of packaging in a cluttered retail environment.

Food packaging must serve two critical functions. It must protect the product and provide the necessary product information via proper labeling. Beyond these two basic functions, food packaging design must communicate your brand identity to consumers glancing at the shelf of options in the grocery store. You have a fleeting moment to capture their attention and desire.

What do you need to consider in food packaging?

For food packaging design to function properly, it must include certain features. Ask yourself some questions to ensure that your food packaging design meets its operational requirements. Here’s a list of functional qualities to consider for food packaging design:

  • Protects your product from damage
  • Retains nutritional benefits from food processing
  • Extends shelf life
  • Uses tamper-evident packaging or tamper-resistant packaging (as required by the FDA)
  • Maintains true product flavor
  • Retains proper food color
  • Displays required labeling

*Food packaging design has also started to embrace more factors of sustainability to match the heightened awareness and greater demand among consumers.

When it comes to the design aspect of food packaging design, the goal for graphic designers is to combine the functional aspects and creative qualities necessary for the product and its brand. Here’s a list of creative graphic design qualities to consider for food packaging design:

  • Adds visual appeal
  • Expresses your brand identity
  • Promotes your brand image
  • Differentiates your brand from others
  • Invites a touch-and-feel experience
  • Supports versatility for product expansion and adaptation


Located in the area of Atlanta, Georgia, the outstanding team at id8 offers exceptional food packaging design services. At our advertising and marketing agency, we offer branding services for food containers that blend functionality and visual appeal for the best results and most positive impact.

Design Case Study

We helped our client, Socks’ Love Rub Co., achieve this through a rebranding of its company and food packaging design.

Food packaging design

Socks’ Love Rub Co. began seeing a growing demand for their 100% all-natural spice blends. They approached our advertising agency, located in the area of Atlanta, GA, for rebranding services and food packaging design services. Socks’ Love Rub Co. launched as a home business with one seasoning blend and has since expanded to produce four seasoning blends.

This client wanted a more eye-catching design. The goal was to grab the attention of consumers with greater differentiation between the seasoning flavors. In addition, this company needed a new food packaging design for its brand new Socks’ Love Rub Co. sauces.


food packaging design spice rub   Food packaging design for seasoning


Prior to the food packaging design created by the experts at id8, the original packaging associated with the products of Socks’ Love Rub Co. failed to tell their story. The original design was basic and functional but did not draw the eyes of consumers to the product. This brand needed a new design to appeal to shopping customers and grab their attention within a few seconds.

The full rebrand launched in Spring 2016. Socks’ Love Rub Co. products can now be purchased online and at over 25 dealer locations throughout the southeast region of the United States.

Motions Graphics Animated logo

Socks’ Love Rub Co. owner Steven Hartsock was thrilled with the talent and results of our team at id8. About the rebrand and new food packaging, Steven said, “My main objective was to have a better differentiation between the flavors of our seasonings. id8 nailed it! Our products will be THE BEST looking on the shelf. We already knew what was inside was the best. We just needed to get the consumer’s attention; now we shouldn’t have a problem with that.”


Food packaging design - fish


Through excellent package design, id8 also brought a new luxury seafood brand to life. Woodsmoke Provisions wanted to create a new brand identity, synonymous with fine smoked seafood. The professional and skilled designers at id8 created a black and gold color palette for this brand. This packaging incorporated both functional and creative graphic design elements.



With a rich appearance, the Woodsmoke Provisions brand stands out among other brands in its category. As a result, the Woodsmoke Provisions brand has experienced great success. In 2015, Costco introduced the product line, which now includes two additional flavors by the brand. id8 provided branding services and food packaging services for these flavor extensions, as well.

With the rise of online shopping, digital food packaging has become an important consideration among companies and brands in the industry.

Does your food packaging need an upgrade? Do consumers see a visual appeal to your food packaging? Is your packaging meeting all its functional needs in the most effective and efficient way? Contact the food packaging design experts at id8 for a consultation. We’re located in the Atlanta, GA area, specifically Marietta, GA, but we LOVE Zoom and Google Meet. We actively use both and welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss any of your branding, rebranding, and food packaging design needs.