Marketing Strategy Atlanta, GA

Kaplan Residential

Kaplan Residential develops, builds, and operates multi-family and mixed-use communities throughout the Southeast. They needed an updated brand identity and marketing strategy. Atlanta, GA is their headquarters, and they needed to reach more of their target audience in the metro area. Kaplan’s previous brand did not speak to who they are as a company and lacked a connection to the history, values, and culture of Kaplan.

Marketing Strategy Atlanta, GA

Defining the Future Through Data

A new brand and marketing strategy was developed based on interviews with executives and key decision-makers, honing into the vision of Kaplan’s future and, ultimately, what they want the company to be. This data collection, alongside extensive competitive landscape research, revealed Kaplan’s barriers and a need for a brand that illustrates Kaplan’s legacy and expertise.

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Value-Driven Growth

id8 translated the valuable research into a new identity that captures Kaplan’s values and new core messaging for its key target audiences that opens new windows of opportunity for growth.

They never overstated their abilities, but always delivered on their promises. They are incredible listeners, and they made us feel comfortable right away. They work hard, and they fit well
 with our company culture and our practices.

- Scott Hawly, Managing Director
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Opening More Doors for the Future

Kaplan’s rebrand resulted in a 3000% increase in monthly website visitors, opening an exponential growth of opportunities for partner and investor inquiries and allowing Kaplan to explore new projects in highly sought-after metropolitan areas across Atlanta and the Southeast.

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