Media Planning & Buying

At id8, our focus is branding, however, we have agreements with consultants who specialize in media planning and buying.

Media Planning and Buying

We work with consultants on a project basis to round out our services. Through this arrangement, we are able to offer media planning and buying to our clients. The advantage of working with id8 is that we work as your agent. We select the best vendor for your business. Our team syncs up brand positioning across all channels. We act as the project manager for all parts of the process.
Strategic media planning is not what it once was. Understanding customer behaviors and attitudes are now more challenging. But, we also now have the availability of data and the ability to apply complex analysis. This leads to plans which can deliver results and rapidly change when needed.
The process for media planning aligns itself with the id8 core process for branding. It follows these steps:

1. Questions around your history, brand, category, culture, and customers
2. Understanding your customer/client segments
3. Customer personas
4. Customer journey maps
5. Investigation of channels and strategies for your customer
6. Customer-centric plan
7. Campaigns with minimal risks
8. Follow the strategy


With the help of our partners, we are able to buy media wisely. Most of our clients are buying digital/online media. Our partners’ structure media buys quickly, while still negotiating fairly for our clients. Plus, we negotiate value-enhancing opportunities and promotions that expand your media exposure. Media buys occur in these channels:


Cable & Broadcast, National and Local, Spot & :30s, :15s, and Long Form

Local Spots and National/Regional, Syndicated, :60s, :30s, :15s, and Long Form

Newspaper, Wraps, and Sticky Notes, plus Trade and Consumer Magazines

Digital and Static Billboards and Posters, Bus and Transit

Direct Mail
Mailers and Postcards, Coupon Inserts, and More


Banners, PPC, Blogs, Takeovers, Text, Custom and Channel Content, Mobile, Social, and Sponsorships

Together, our knowledge of traditional advertising along with digital advertising gives your brand an advantage over firms that have a singular focus on digital-only. We understand that people need multiple impressions of the ad in order to make a buying decision. Our ad strategies include a combination of multiple channels to best reach your customer.