Motion Graphics

Storytelling has been around for as long as civilization has existed. Shortly before 3100 B.C., the hieroglyphic script originated. Fast forward to the 21st Century, and we continue to communicate with stories, but through motion graphics, the medium is much different.

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Branding Through Motion Graphics

At id8 we have been building brands for 20 years, and over the past 5 years, motion graphics have become a staple for helping brands tell their stories without any words at all. Video content has increased in popularity now that mobile is pervasive and social platforms are video-friendly. And while there are many types of content that can engage people, motion graphics are particularly suited to help brands tell their stories.

When building a brand identity, our team of creative directors and graphic designers consider how that identity will come to life. A logo isn’t stagnant. We breathe life into it with motion. We can tell the story, we can solve problems, and we can even tell people how to say the name.

For our motion graphics services, we start with a thorough understanding of your brand and your brand position online. These graphics could be used in a video, a social platform, a digital banner advertisement, and many other valuable spots. They make content easier to comprehend and are a fantastic tool to explain processes, products, or dense subjects in a short amount of time. And as a bonus, they don’t require much from the viewer. People can sit back and watch, without having to spend energy or effort.

Marketing and Communications

In order to best create motion graphics, we start with an understanding of your goal. Once we understand your goal, then we start to create ideas for how to tell the story you are sharing. And motion graphics are easy to repurpose. We can cut one motion graphic into several 15-second micro-videos or turn your existing motion graphics into static illustrations.

Here’s a few samples of videos we have delivered:

Bennett International Group
A Brand launch video to tell the story of a brand and where it is going.

We created the video with Trick 3D which tells the story of a squirrel stealing a GPS device called RoadNut.

A video story highlighting employees, history, on-location footage, multiple locations, motion graphics, green screen, and scripting.

For brands looking to make a connection with their viewers, motion is the way to go. But not all motion graphics are created equal. Truly great motion graphic examples make the most of every millisecond to tell a captivating story and engage with viewers on all levels.

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