Best Packaging Design Guide

Packaging design projects are different than any other project types because we have to consider at least six sides to every piece, and that’s just on the outside. Opening the container and the inside of the container are equally important. And if it’s a kit, every piece and part, including the instructions, are a part of the process.

High-end Packaging Design for a new Ghee product Sun Rain Grow

We are a conceptually-driven agency, so we start with your product. The id8 team gets your product in our hands along with any existing packaging containers, such as folding cartons, trays, jars, bottles, bags, or boxes. And then we listen to your story—how it was created, what it does, how it works, what it tastes like, why it is better, and so on.

After our interview with you, then we do our own research and move into brainstorming. From our brainstorm sessions, we select the strongest concepts to move forward with and then create compelling messages and visuals that are meant to connect with the audience. We present our concepts to you and then collaborate on selecting the final concept. We can even help you create a custom structure and work with the production house directly on custom die lines.

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Research and Focus Groups

This research offers a foundation so that you can see the challenges, what your competition is doing, and your window of opportunity. Our research services include product research, focus groups, competitive analysis, TAM analysis, customer personas, surveys, structure, material, and printing feasibility.

Product Testing

Product testing typically takes the form of focus groups. At id8, we start with a thorough understanding of your customer. With a highly targeted approach, we seek individuals for the focus group who meet our criteria of the customer and are interested in participating.

Retail Packaging Design

We look at product differentiators and customer pain points. To design the best packaging, we need to understand your company culture and how products are made. Your packaging must connect with your customers at an emotional level. So, we dive into psychology, gestalt principals, sociology, science, and human nature. We can help you with structure, box design, label design, screen printing, hang tags, and more.

Shelf Audit

To ensure we create a packaging solution that not only meets your requirements but also stands out from the competition, we perform a shelf audit. A shelf audit is a simple, yet powerful, exercise. We visit stores (or wherever similar products are sold) and look at product position, shelf position, lighting, category level space, and competitive products.


Point of Purchase (POP) is any in-store display or advertisement throughout the store or at checkout. Our unique designs at id8 for POP displays can build desire and help change a customer’s mind.

Retail Brand Strategy

Our id8 Retail Brand strategy is a plan that encompasses specific, long-term goals in retail that can be achieved with the evolution of a successful retail brand—the combined components of your company’s character and product that make it identifiable.

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